Meet Anna

Anna Herremans - The Finance Pro Coach

Anna Herremans
The Finance Pro Coach

About Anna

I work with Finance Pro’s who are committed to reinventing the Finance Function for the 21th century. They want to leave their footprint in their workplace  and advance their career by adding values and having impact.

They are committed to continuous personal growth.  They are very conscious that life is not just about work and continuously strive to have a healthy work life balance.

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How I Became a Coach

I got into coaching because I reached rock bottom in my professional and personal life. On the outside all seemed fine but there was a deep and growing emptiness inside. I was very much stuck in my mind and an incredible perfectionist.

Things changed for me when I started to engage and connect with other parts of myself such as my heart, soul and body through visualizations and meditation and then on to evolutionary spirituality. This path not only made a huge difference in my life but I also became fascinated by how as human beings all our false beliefs, inner glass ceilings and internal though processes are holding us back.

I discovered how to make my finance career fulfilling.

I also realized that the most fulfilling and inspiring  part of my finance career have evolved around supporting my team in their professional and personal growth. Over the years I have developed my own unique leadership style focused on creating synergy and a space which allows all team members to maximize their fullest potential.

Over the years I have experimented in the workplace with different and at times unconventional ways of working together. Over the years I have become more and more convinced that a new style of leadership is needed  even  to address the epidemic of disengagement that is so present in workplaces all over the world.

I also realized that Finance Pro’s are often really suffering. Finance is really hard work that often goes unappreciated. At the same time I see so much potential to turn the finance function around. To bring the fun back into finance and for Finance Pro’s to take up the space they deserve and maximize their impact and advance their careers along the way.

I am truly passionate combining  a new style of leadership with reinventing the finance function.

I strongly sense this is my contribution in the world, the footprint I want to leave behind. I have decided to dedicate myself full time to Coaching Finance Pro’s who share my vision seems to be the perfect way to do this.

I am also a single mom with 3 small daughters and I have decided to turn my life around at create a lifestyle for me and my daughters that allows more flexibility and more quality time with my daughters when it matters most.

And this is why I am now fully dedicated to my own coaching and group facilitation business and I am happier and more fulfilled than ever.

Beliefs and Values

Over the years I have learned that to feel truly happy and fulfilled the most important is to have a clear vision of what really matters to you in life and to align this vision with your deepest inner values and true passions.

I also believe a truly purposeful, fulfilling life is about contribution to the greater good.

We all have our own  unique talents and we need to figure out what footprint we want to leave behind in the world including in our workplace which is an integral part of our life.

It is so empowering to get out of victim mode, to assume responsibility  take ownership of your life and take on step at the time towards making your vision, your dreams a reality. It is truly amazing what can happen and what opens up when you start living your life from this place

I know from my own personal experience the workload and pressure put on Finance Pro’s day in day out is incredible.

This makes it extra challenging but also super important  every day makes it very challenging to not only to stay focused on your vision and follow your path and  not to lose yourself in the process. I also know it is possible to do so!

I have been on quite a journey to achieve this for myself and to live a truly authentic life.   I want the same thing for you! Over the years I have had the privilege to work with so many committed talented Finance Professionals and it has been my greatest satisfaction to see them become empowered to put themselves and their messages out there. This for me has been such a satisfying part of my career that I now want to dedicate myself full time to this.


  • I have over 20 years experience in a successful progressive career in finance
  • Over the years I have specialized in getting the financial message across by designing Management Information Systems that provide decision makes with clear, relevant, to the point decision making information.
  • I have been credited with making finance fun through the use of strong visuals and stories in my presentations
  • I have successfully implemented innovative ways of facilitating meetings that empower all group memebers to fully share their contributions.
  • I am a constant learner, I am very curious and open to new ideas which I then apply in practice
  • I am a strong believer of the power of integrating spirituality in the workplace.

Education and Training

I have a Masters degree in Economics , a Post graduate degree in accounting and I am a member of the Dutch Institute of Chartered accountants and I have trained as a Professional Coach with the Erickson Institute in Vancouver.